About us

APK UAB commenced its activities in 2002. The company’s principal activities are purchasing, storing and wholesale of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.

By actively competing on the market, the company extends the range of its services. At present, the company provides complex services of purchasing and preparing scrap metals for recycling, including dismantling, sorting and logistics. The company has successfully established itself on the market and at present has 40 employees. The company’s headquarters are in Klaipėda, however, the company performs its activities throughout the country in observance of all the applicable legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and environmental protection requirements. The company’s technological progress allows for quickly responding to the customers’ needs and offering the most attractive scrap metal purchasing prices. The customers’ and partners’ confidence obliges us to provide services of exceptional quality, which ensures their loyalty.

About us

About us


The company’s principal activities are purchasing, storing and wholesale of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.


APK UAB makes every effort to ensure reduction in the amount of contaminants exhausted into the environment and the efficient use of scrap metal preparation possibilities for recycling. We consult our customers on issues of environmental protection and recycling. We purchase and handle scrap metals of any sizes, as well as different metallic equipment, devices, their parts, cables, structures and packages, not only on our own grounds, but also on locations, stated by our customers. We offer our own containers for collecting the scrap metals, which accumulated as a result of our customers’ activities and replace them at the agreed time. The scrap metals are collected, stored and sorted in a manner that ensures that there is no danger to human health and the environment. We sell the processed scrap and waste metals to Lithuanian recyclers and also export them to foreign countries. In order to satisfy the customers’ needs to the maximum and ensure the high quality of the services we provide, we undertake to:

  • Continuously increase our environmental protection management system
  • Observe legal requirements, related with the company’s environmental protection concerns
  • Dedicate the necessary resources for implementation of the environmental protection goals and targets
  • Involve all the company’s employees in the implementation of the environmental protection activities
  • For the performance of work, use only materials  that have the smallest detrimental effect on the environment
  • If possible, use only new and clean production technologies
  • Use raw materials, energy and natural resources in an efficient manner.

Our professional and innovative approach to business, our responsibility and respect to the customer, competent decisions and work performed in due quality and in due time, are appreciated by most of the country’s companies. We have gained their trust and now enjoy close cooperation. We dedicate special attention to the development of our employees’ qualifications, mastering advanced technologies in our daily activities and the implementation of modern business administration systems. We use transparent and responsible business practices in our company. The company makes every effort to ensure that all of its existing and future activity processes are safe and have the smallest detrimental effect on the environment. All of the company’s employees are familiarized with environmental protection policy and observe its requirements.

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